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The 5BX Plan
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How much calorie do I need?

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The 5BX Plan is unique:

SIMPLE because it is easy to do, easy to follow.
PROGRESSIVE because you can develop your own personal fitness at your own rate, to your required level, without getting stiff or sore muscles.
BALANCED because you condition your muscles, your heart and lungs harmoniously for your daily needs.
COMPLETE because the principles of muscle and organic development are applied simultaneously and progressively.
SELF-MEASURING because it gives you clear cut "targets for fitness" for your age and body build, along with graduated standards for checking your progress.

Research has Demonstrated that the 5BX Plan will:

Increase the strength of the important muscle groups needed in everyday living.
Increase the ability of muscles used in essential body movements to function efficiently for long periods of time.
Increase the speed response of the important muscles of the body.
Keep the important muscles and joints of the body supple and flexible.
Improve the efficiency and capacity of the heart, lungs and other body organs.
Increase the capacity for physical exertion.

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